We can help you to see in detail how your business is performing in real time

Core CRM

Our Core CRM has a unique record for each customer which contains all their activity from every business channel.

Single Data Source

Evaluate your business-wide performance using a single source of information that is readily available to you any time, anywhere.

The Fanfare Vision

In the course of Fanfare’s consultancy in the sports sector we consistently saw clubs with silos of customer information, which resulted in inefficient marketing programmes and ineffective customer management.

We can provide you with a full end to end integrated business system incorporating the industry’s best packages to deliver our vision of a fully fan-centric business operation to even the smallest of clubs at a commercially viable price.

The Fanfare system will give you:

  • A single view of each customer showing their details, activity and dialogue with the club.
  • A real time view of your sales performance in every channel.
  • A real time view of your stocks and resources.

Fanfare delivers all the information your management team needs

Maximising revenues and minimising costs

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